Hi There!

I’m in Puppy Heaven now but Mom tells me I was the Inspiration!
(p.s. this is me when I was a puppy and full of it!)

Oh, I almost forgot that I should formally introduce myself in spirit!  Mom used to call me all kinds of really cute names but on the books, I was always Samantha (formally) and SamSam (common)!

I used to work really hard for my mom trying on all sorts of creations. I was always paid with treats and tons of hugs and kisses! The minimum wage for a small gal like me (in my day) was a treat for each try on!
My favorite job was winking at my handsome furry friends at the shows when they tried on mom’s outfits that made them look attractive. What can I say; I was a true furry sales lady!

So, all parents of my furry friends, take a look around the site, come visit mom at shows, help out my local (earthly) furry friends by adopting a pet from the Monadnock Humane Society, and, if you see something you like, call my mom and she'll custom make her specialties to fit just right. Don't wait long, before you know, winter will be here again.. BURR... I don't even want to think about it (that is one thing I don’t miss!)

I came to know many of you personally through the years and I miss you all!  You obviously won’t see me at the shows anymore (I’m there in spirit) so please take care of mom for me.  However, please don’t let the fact that I’m no longer your personal Furry Sales Lady stop you from buying one of mom’s really cool and comfy coats!

BIG PUPPY SMOOCHES to the whole world!
Love “SamSam!”

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